Integrate your Microsoft Intune device enrollment with Azure AD!

May this year Microsoft announced a new capability of automatically enroll devices in Microsoft Intune as part of joining devices in to Azure AD (Premium). By joining a Windows 10 device to Azure AD it is extremely easy for end users to get the benefits of single sign-on, OS state roaming, and management capabilities.


This will work with both Microsoft Intune and with 3rd party MDM solutions. In this blog post I’ll show you how ease and transparent this process is and how powerful the integration is of Microsoft Online Services and Windows 10!

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How Azure AD Premium & Office 365 improves Collaboration

So you’ve always wondered what it takes to improve both collaboration and business processes in your organization, which results in employees being more productive? Do I’ve your attention…read on!

With Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Microsoft offers you a (cloud) platform with a huge potential to optimize and boost your business. In this blog I’ll illustrate this with a simple example of how you can use these cloud services to improve collaboration within your organization.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is a success.

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Recap of a great community week!

Last week was a blast of community engagements. Hereby a recap…

Theme Night – Hybrid Identity & Business Continuity

Ahead of TechDays 2015 Netherlands the System Center User Group NL & Hyper-V.NU had the unique chance to welcome Simon May and Sergio Pattinama during Theme Night – Hybrid Identity & Business Continuity. This night Simon discussed how important hybrid identity is and how to adopt this into your organization with Azure AD Premium. He showed us how easily it is to add additional security layer to your username & password with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and keeping track on suspicious and irregular sign-ins from unknown resources or multiple geographies by using Security Reports, based on Azure Machine Learning.


The second slot Sergio explained us what the importance is of having disaster recovery plan and process in place. “It’s your business insurance policy” to protect your data and guarantees business continuity. With Data Protection Manager, Azure Site Recovery and Azure Recovery Services aka Azure Backup Microsoft offers various “insurance policies” your business continuity is guaranteed. “Your data is like oil” for your company so why don’t take benefit of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with Azure Site Recovery and Azure Recovery Services.


With the closing session Simon showed us the latest features which will be available in Windows 10 which will probably released after summer. Simon showed us Device Guard, a feature which lock down devices in a way that provides advanced malware protection against new and unknown malware variants as well as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s). It provides better security against malware and zero days for Windows 10 by blocking anything other than trusted apps. In additional to Hybrid Identity Simon addressed Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) as “most sexiest service of the Enterprise Mobility Suite” :-) An interesting question from the audience whether to use BitLocker or Azure RMS protecting your data? “BitLocker and Azure RMS are complementary security solutions, one protects the OS where the other solution protects the data.”

Interview with Simon May

Because his presence at the user group meeting I’d the chance to interview Simon May for Experts Live TV. During this 10 minute interview we discussed what impact of Windows 10 will have for organizations. Topics as the new way of provisioning with provisioning packages, the way we can manage the new OS with a broad native device management integration which bridges the cap between PC- & Mobile Device Management. Further we discussed the blasting developments of the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) And lastly we tried taking advance on the next 5 years. A fun and inspiring tech talk.


TechDays 2015 – Breaking New Ground

This year I presented together with my colleague Arjan Vroege a session about Azure RemoteApp. During this session we showed the audience why Azure RemoteApp is added value to your company bringing Windows (LOB) applications to your mobile devices no matter what OS of form factor. Arjan showed the power and flexibility how you can use Configuration Manager with App-V delivering custom applications without the need of creating a custom image each time. Further we had the chance to show the new Azure RemoteApp client for Windows, which integrates the published applications in the start menu. With a packed room, great feedback, and a great topic. We look back on a successful event and looking forward to be part of  #TechDaysNL 2016!


What’s new in Microsoft Intune Service Update – May 2015

Latest-UpdatesToday the Microsoft Intune product team announced next set of Intune features that will be released between May 19 and May 26.  With this monthly release cadence, Microsoft continue to focus on providing customers with best-in-class experiences that help keep users productive while protecting company’s sensitive data. You can expect to see the following new Intune standalone (cloud only) features in this release:

  • Ability to extend application protection to your existing line-of-business apps using the Intune App Wrapping Tool for Android (Intune App Wrapping Tool for iOS made available in December 2014)
  • Ability to assign help desk permissions to Intune admins, filtering their view of the Intune admin console to only provide access to perform remote tasks (e.g. passcode reset and remote lock)
  • RSS feed notification option added for Intune admin to subscribe to be alerted when new Intune service notifications are available for their service instance
  • Improved end user experience in the Intune Company Portal app for iOS with step-by-step guidance added on how to access corporate email by enrolling for management and validating device compliance
  • Updated Intune Company Portal app for Windows Phone 8.1 to provide enhanced status notifications for app installations
  • New custom policy template for managing new Windows 10 features using OMA-URI
  • New per-platform mobile device security policy templates for Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone, in addition to new Exchange ActiveSync policy template
  • Ability to deploy Google Play store apps that are required/mandatory to install on Android devices

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Mobile Device Management not available in your Office 365 subscription!?

Office 365 MDM

In case you want to play around and do some hands-on with Mobile Device Management in Office 365 but you couldn’t find it!

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Intune Technical Support. For questions or update on this Service Request, you may reply to this email thread or call the Microsoft Support number .


While Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Office 365 has been officially announced we are still in the process of rolling it out to Office 365 customers over the next 4 to 6 weeks (Starting from 3/30/2015). We don’t currently have exact dates for when it will be available for your subscription. Continue reading

ICYMI: 50 Enterprise Mobility tips you should consider!


Last weekend Rob Tiffany announced a fun but just as usefully 50 enterprise mobility tips twitter live stream. If you’re doubting how to address Enterprise Mobility in your company, these 50 pointers should give you a good start to feel comfortable and start embrace Enterprise Mobility.

I’ve tried hard to create my favorite top 5 Enterprise Mobility tips – but I didn’t make it…

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