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Together, we achieve more. Great achievements in a Microsoft Modern Workplace era

Exiting times! Needless to say I’m proud and humble rewarded for the 5th consecutive year as a Microsoft MVP (EnterpriseMobility).

It’s a great honorand pleasure to be able to make a modest contribution for the Microsoft community and help others by inspiring and sharing your experiences. As mentioned, this is such a great way to help others getting them further.

Global Security & Compliance partner 2019

A personal reward isgreat of course, but it gets even more meaning when the joint effort endendless commitment is rewarded as team! Early this year the message reached uswere nominated we now also been appointed as global security and compliancepartner is mind-blowing.

The decisive factor for winning this award is InSpark’s Cloud Security Center. This managed security and compliance solution is the result of a modern vision on cloud security, multiple strong partnerships and years of experience in securing cloud environments. It offers state-of-the-art security for the modern workplace and (hybrid) data centers in Microsoft Azure, but also 24/7 monitoring of potential security incidents based on native Microsoft (security) technology.

Next week we’ll travel with a great team to Las Vegas to receive this amazing award and look ahead to how we can help the customers, community & partners creating impact with Microsoft technology.

Again exciting times and looking forward to make new friends, learn & share. Please feel free to reach-out!

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