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The best way to say goodbye to Microsoft MVP program. Say hello to Microsoft!

I realize it’s a bold title because many are doing utmost to receive this great recognition. Please take it with a wink 😉

Last week I received my 7th consecutive Microsoft MVP award, which is always a special moment. It’s a token of appreciation from Microsoft for your contribution to the community over the past year(s). This time I received it with mixed feelings because I knew that for now will be my last. It was a conscious choice for me to take the next step. Sometimes it’s hard to let go. To give up something that is close to your heart. It was a pleasure and honor to be part of this unique program.

Made beautiful friendships, learned a lot, laughed, sometimes cried, celebrated successes and made beautiful memories that will last forever. I’m grateful for this great journey and count my blessings. Special thanks to Cathy which is like a mother to the Cloud Endpoint (aka Enterprise Mobility) community who always supports us as (former) MVP’s in word and deed! 🙏 And of course I won’t forget all my MVP buddies and Microsoft PM’s…it was a real honor and pleasure! See you from the other side 😊

But why let go when it’s so great? I hear you! There are many reasons to say goodbye to the program, be it voluntary or not. I have been told that my ‘voluntary’ leave is the best possible option, a great relief to me!

The policy states that you cannot be a Microsoft MVP as an Microsoft employee. That’s right, therefore I am thrilled that as of September 1st I can call myself a Microsoft employee and joined the mothership!

After more than 15 years being active in the Microsoft partner area focused on Cloud Endpoint, the time was there to take a seat at the other side of the table. As Technical Specialist Security I’m joining the local (technical) specialist team (STU) in the Netherlands. So it’s not only a change of employer but also one of expertise. Although security has an overlap and is part of the modern workplace I’m eager to focus myself dedicated on security, a topic more relevant than ever. The aim is to stay involved and keep up supporting the community although the focus might shift a bit.

I can’t wait and looking forward to get introduced to my new colleagues, keep up with old friends, create new memories, make new friends, learn every day and help others to achieve more!

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