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Uninstalling SCSM 2012 – Error opening installation log file #sysctr

As part of the installation of SCSM 2012 Beta in my lab-environment I crossed an issue with uninstalling the previous installed version of SCSM 2012 (build CTP1).

Of course we don’t have the intention to make it a habit uninstalling SCSM J – but it is not always unavoidable in test-environments. Although the log files were not in place I was able to uninstall SCSM 2012 by simple click similar to “running elevated rights”. I’m local admin on the particular box without UAC enabled.


Open your control panel and shift-right-click
Programs and Features and select Open in new process

There you go…uninstallation process completed successfully! And now on with all the beauty SCSM 2012 Beta offers…

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