Uninstalling SCSM 2012 – Error opening installation log file #sysctr

As part of the installation of SCSM 2012 Beta in my lab-environment I crossed an issue with uninstalling the previous installed version of SCSM 2012 (build CTP1).

Of course we don’t have the intention to make it a habit uninstalling SCSM J – but it is not always unavoidable in test-environments. Although the log files were not in place I was able to uninstall SCSM 2012 by simple click similar to “running elevated rights”. I’m local admin on the particular box without UAC enabled.


Open your control panel and shift-right-click
Programs and Features and select Open in new process

There you go‚Ķuninstallation process completed successfully! And now on with all the beauty SCSM 2012 Beta offers…

Service Manager 2012 CTP2 is Released (TAP Only) #sysctr

The Service Manager Product team by Travis Wright announced the Service Manager 2012 CTP2 release which is currenlty available only to TAP customers/partners.

Just wanted to let you know about another important milestone which has been reached in the SCSM 2012 development lifecycle. We have released the CTP2 build to TAP customers and partners on schedule. This will be the final non-public release before we get to the public beta towards the end of Q3 CY 2011. I’m sure you are all anxious to get your hands on SCSM 2012 bits, but unfortunately this is still a release that is limited to TAP customers and partners. I will be posting some new extensive demo videos in the next week or two so that you can all see what is coming and where we are at.

Official announcement:

We are proud to announce the release of System Center Service Manager 2012 CTP2, which is feature complete and higher quality than any previous release of Service Manager. This release will be available to TAP customers and partners via Microsoft Connect and delivers the ability to upgrade from SCSM 2010 SP1 with improved scale / performance and numerous enhancements that will benefit System Center customers and partners.
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