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Windows Defender ATP updates including BitLocker & Firewall security controls

Alongside the announcement of down-level support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, there is more exciting news in regards to Windows Defender ATP. Since today Windows Defender ATP Security Analytics is extended with two new security controls; BitLocker and Firewall.

Windows Defender ATP Security Controls: BitLocker & Firewall

BitLocker & Firewall

These security controls considered to be part of your default security baseline.  These minimum security controls offers us first line protection from external threats and ensures that corporate data in the event of loss or theft does not end up in the wrong hands. Therefore these new security controls are more than welcome complementary to the other security controls Windows Defender ATP provides (EDR, Antivirus, OS, Exploit Guard, Application Guard & SmartScreen).

Note: security control for BitLocker applies only to machines running RS4 preview version of Windows 10 or higher. Firewall applies only to machines with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709) or higher.

Windows Defender ATP Security Analytics preferences

Windows Defender Security Analytics

The Security Analytics dashboard provide organizations valuable insights of their endpoint security posture and enables you to easily enhances and maximize your security potential. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection provides organization continues valuable insides of their current security operations- and analytics performance, which is highly valuable for organizations which to understand and improve their endpoint security.

Updated view Machine List & Details

Further some minor updates are made in the Machine List and Machine details view, new visuals (icons) are added to give a better operational experience.

Windows Defender ATP Updated Machine view

Integration with Azure ATP

With the announcement of Azure ATP, integration with Windows Defender ATP was promised. We are now actually seeing the first signs of integration between both products.

Windows Defender ATP Azure ATP Integration

Improve your Endpoint Security

The organizational security score – equally to the Office 365 Secure Score – provides valuable insights how your organization is performing compared to the Windows recommended baseline and shows breakdown of possible issues and actionable recommendations for improvement. It expands your visibility into the overall endpoint security of your organization. See it as a best practices (security) baseline analyzer to assess your organization’s security posture. It sheds light on configuration issues and provide view to machines where security features are misconfigured or out of date.

Start today and improve your organization security score within hours. More information how to improve you organization security, please read my previous blogs.

Improve your endpoint security /w Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

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Part 2:  Improve your endpoint security /w Windows Defender ATP & Microsoft Intune: Exploit Guard & SmartScreen

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