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Reporting Data Warehouse Management Server is currently unavailable #sysctr


I’m using Service Manager 2010 SP1 administrator console (7.0.6555.115) managing Service Manager 2010 SP1 (7.0.6555.115) from my personal laptop which isn’t member of the domain where Service Manager resides in.

Problem Description

We noticed that when you’re opening the Service Manager Administrator console a massage box pops up saying the Reporting Data Warehouse Management Server is currently unavailable. This behavior also occurs on domain joined workstations.

Both Reporting and Data Warehouse ‘wunderbars‘ are not shown. Normally this might indicate the Data Warehouse server is unavailable. This behavior can have several reasons (network, SQL, etc.) but when available both ‘wunderbars‘ appears automatically within time. But unfortunately not in our scenario.

During the investigation I have performed the following steps.

  1. As we’ve configured Service Manager in a NLB configuration I connected directly to both management servers hosts directly to exclude issue’s with NLB configuration, without positive result.
  2. Logged on directly to the Service Manager servers. Now I’m able to open the Service Manager administrator console without any issue’s. Both Reporting and Data Warehouse ‘wunderbars‘ are shown. So my laptop and/or network might be suspected!
  3. Verified the versions of the Service Manager administrative console installed and noticed I haven’t installed the latest version. Shame on me! (7.0.6555.0 vs. 7.0.6555.155). I’ve download the and installed KB2542118 (CU2 for Service Manager 2010 SP1). Despite a reboot my problem was still not fixed.
  4. Followed the Troubleshooting the Data Warehouse post at the Service Manager Team Blog. I primarily focused on the event log Data Warehouse Operations Manager event log, but again without any result.
  5. Rebooted the Service Manager Data Warehouse server.
  6. Previous step triggers me to have a look at my laptop event log. In the Operation Manager event log I found a useful message which triggers me again J As you can see the messages are related to network/DNS related. Here I’d found my precise error description.


I performed an ipconfig/all and the clue is there! No DNS suffix configured at DHCP scope and therefore Service Manager couldn’t connect to the Reporting Server. At the DNS tab of my network adapter I’ve added the DNS suffix of the customer domain.

By informing the network administrators the configuration of some DHCP scopes are not configured properly. I’ve asked them to add the DNS suffix where it’s missing. Hereby the message Reporting Data Warehouse Management Server is currently unavailable are history :-)

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