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Grand Canyon – Skywalk

For today a visit to the western rim of the Grand Canyon was on the program. A spacious 3-hour drive ahead of us! In short early with enough supplies and of course a delicious cream macchiato on the road! Through the Hoover Dam U.S. South on 93. After an hour I started to doubt whether I was wrong, but ultimately Piercy Ferry Road turn right. It is hardly to grasp how big the United States is. For me feeling quite a bit driven. But if you use the card up there, the fact is nothing.

Well get used to it in the country where they are not double standards! Mile, feet, inches, Fahrenheit and of course dollars. Anyway, in Diamond Bar right … but immediately stopped at a typical image capture. At one point the pavement ends and we need more than 20 miles remaining on an unpaved road travel. What an invention, saying that asphalt! After two and half hours arrived … at least, the last part through a commercial bus must be made. Bus! Yes a bus. The last section, the original inhabitants commercially exploited. Shuttle buses, helicopter rides and aircraft that come and go or fly.

Breathtaking … I have no other words. What a view! Walking on the edge of the abyss, but good that my mother is not there otherwise I got on my Thurs. After a half hour again soon take the bus back to the ‘terminal’ to quickly go back home because for 5 : 00 AM, the car must be returned. For the mathematicians among us fast 2 x 3 + 1.5 = 7.5 hours! In short rush. But yes’ more haste less speed ‘, as now. Halfway Dolan Springs  I become familiar with Sheriff Albright. No, this is not joke! Stopped by the police…for speeding. I must confess that you did not quite great. In retrospect I can laugh and I have come away with a warning.

Fortunately, the trip went fairly smoothly … until Las Vegas! With only fifteen minutes to go … damn I miss my exit. Fortunately, after 4 miles I turn back to the car 4:55 PM to deliver. That’s what I call ‘just in time delivery! short a long but exciting day. It was well worth the effort.




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