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Hoover Dam – Valley of Fire

Since my stay here I have the habit every day using my breakfast at Starbucks. Suits me very well! With my coffee in the center console up to the Hoover Dam.

After about 45 minutes drive away…destination reached. Oh yeah go check had everything you can to see that since 11 September America is on his guard. Halfway through the Hoover Dam I find that I missed the garage. At that times a female police officer hang to my car. Fortunately, one wonders smile. For $ 30 I have a ticket and a guided tour including a look at the dam.From a distance it does not seems so impressive but once inside it does! Especially if you examine it in context when the dam was built (’30)

The turbines that generate electricity run at 80% capacity. I’m told that the lake, Lake Mead, the largest artificial lake formed by people is for 44% full. Depends on whether your glass is half full or half empty :-) According to the guide a critical limit, lowest level since ’60s. Global warming? At least a decade will pass before the water is back to a respectable degree. And a backup plan? No there is not! Moreover, the Hoover Dam asshole test to a maximum of 8.6 on the Richter scale.

Anyway after the Hoover Dam on the way to the Valley of Fire, you guessed characterized by red rock formations. What a vast plains say … here you can still feel half hour without meeting anyone. ‘King of the Road’ said the meaning given. Along scared me bad. In my rearview I see police lights and sirens SUV panting in my neck! No way …! Fortunately it was not for me. At the end of the trip by stopping in Ovarton. In the nearest supermarket for some food flew into to score. Some fruit and a delicious wrap with chicken salad. Here at least they know how to wrap a size, Shell can learn something from the them!

It is 17:00 local time, a good time to Las Vegas at sunset ride. Interstate 15 through the back ‘home’.




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