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Important! Updated Microsoft Intune Company Portal app for iOS supports only iOS 8.0 or higher.


In case you missed it, Microsoft recently announced the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app for iOS will be updated. Why this might be important to you?

Why updating?

As Apple releases new versions of iOS, they release new functionality, so there is a lack of functionality available on older iOS versions. Ending support for these older versions and encouraging end users to upgrade leads to a better end-user experience and allows us to prioritize the release new functionality for customers. This adjustment to support iOS 8.0 and later brings the iOS Company Portal app into alignment with the version support of the Office apps and many other Microsoft (and non-Microsoft) apps

What is changing?

In the coming weeks, there will be an update for the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app for iOS that will only support devices running iOS 8.0 or later.


Initially enrolled devices running versions below iOS 8.0 will continue to be managed and will, for a limited time, be able to continue using the Company Portal app. After a grace period users will be blocked from using the Company Portal unless they are using the latest version of the app, which will require iOS 8.0 or later, so devices running older iOS versions won’t be able to use the Company Portal or enroll until they update their device to iOS 8.0 or later and then update the Company Portal app to the latest version.

Call to action!

Prepare your organization and inform your users they must be on iOS 8.0 version or later to install the latest versions of the Company Portal app in order to take full advantage of new Microsoft Intune features. The Microsoft Intune Company Portal app can be download here from iTunes.

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