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Updated Windows Phone 8.1 Enterprise Device Management Protocol

As per latest update release (currently enrolled) of Microsoft Intune, it provides now full support of OMA-URI. This seemingly small feature introduces ‘endless’ capabilities which opens a new era of Enterprise Mobility! Endless possibilities and scenario’s allows you to take full benefit of all existing and new features which offers Microsoft Intune and Windows Phone 8.1.

According to the Microsoft Intune update of December the Windows Phone 8.1 Enterprise Device Management Protocol guide has been updated including improved current feature set and introduces new capabilities such as managing Wi-Fi profiles configuration for Windows Phone 8.1.


Hereby an overview of updated and new Windows Phone 8.1 capabilities:

New in Windows Phone 8.1

  • Enterprise application restrictions
  • EnterpriseAssignedAccess configuration service provider
  • Logging support for Enterprise server creation
  • PolicyManager configuration service provider
  • RemoteLock configuration service provider
  • RemoteRing configuration service provider
  • VPN configuration service provider
  • Web Authentication Broker Support in enrollment process
  • Wi-Fi configuration service provider

Updated in Windows Phone 8.1

  • Certificate configuration
  • CertificateStore configuration service provider
  • Discovery web service
  • DMClient configuration service provider
  • Enterprise application install, update, uninstall

The updated Windows Phone 8.1 Enterprise Device Management Protocol document can be downloaded here.

4 thoughts on “Updated Windows Phone 8.1 Enterprise Device Management Protocol Leave a comment

  1. Indeed endless possibilities. :-)

    One (minor) comment though: what is missing is some proper version management of the Windows Phone 8.1 MDM protocol documentation. Just a timestamp on the cover page is imho not sufficient. Over time as this doc further evolves this will become confusing.

  2. Hi,
    this is very interesting, I just read your guest blog Pieter Wiglevens TechNet blog and it works perfectly. According to this documentention it should be possible to add an ActiveSync account to a phone using OMA URI, right?. This would be really usefull because Intune cloud only can only create mail profiles that connect you own Mailbox, not a shared Mailbox/Group account.

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