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How to manage your WordPress site hosted on Windows Azure by FTP

Windows Azure is a great cloud platform to host your WordPress site(s). But how easy is it to manage? From infratructure perspective you’ve the Windows Azure Management Portal available to monitor traffic, scale your site, set your domain names and bindings.


From Application perspective you’ve the default WordPress Management console to add themes, install plugins and manage comments, etc.


But what if you need to make some changes to your WordPress site which can’t be performed by the GUI? Let’s say you want to upload a theme which exceeds the default upload upload_max_filesize directive ? You can’t modify the php.ini by GUI. FTP(S) is your friend!!

But how…excactly how can I connect to my WordPress site hosted on Windows Azure by FTP(S)?


  • Credentials and deployment URLs for all enabled deployment methods are stored in the web site’s publish profile, a file which can be downloaded in the Windows Azure Management Portal from the Quick Start page or the quick glance section of the Dashboard page.


  • Below an example of a publishing profile layout. All credentials required  for SQL and FTP can be found here.


In order to connect to your WordPress site by FTP you need the following information which can be extracted from the publishing profile layout which you downloaded in the previous step.

  • publishUrl (FTP host name)
  • userPWD
  • userName


  • Final step is to connect your WordPress site using your Windows Explorer or FileZilla for example to upload file by FTP



Deploying your WordPress site on Windows Azure? Start here it’s free (unless you’re start using your own domain!)


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