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Windows Phone 8 – Part 2: Settings Management #windowsintune #sysctr

Control & Governance

The use of mobile devices in most organizations is increasing over and over and has almost an irreversible development. Company email can be received easily on your private owned device were social media is easily accessible on company owned devices. Companies facing challenge(s) how to apply governance on private held devices taking into account users privacy and vice versa.


Windows Intune and Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 leverage you the capability to create and apply your governance by Settings Management. With settings management your able to deploy policies (Configuration Items) to mobile devices which are enrolled in your company.

Compliance Settings

In order to apply settings management you’ll create a Configuration Item (CI). A CI contains configuration and associated validation criteria to be assessed for compliance on devices. With Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 you can specify different different platforms to target configuration items:

  • Windows
  • Mobile Devices
  • Mac OS X

Next step is to configure your settings required grouped by categories.


Settings may vary from password lock, restricted email size, agenda synchronization, configure WiFi profiles, publish certificates or require encryption of mobile storage.

Big advantage of settings management includes the ease which it can be published to all supported MDM platforms.


Final step is to create a Configuration Baseline and link the Configuration Item(s) which will be evaluated for compliance after which will be deployed to mobile devices (target to mobile device collection(s).



Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 provides  (17) build-in reports which provides clearly reports regarding compliance, non-compliance status and remediation of your mobile devices.




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