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Migrate CM2007 Web Reports to CM2012 Reporting Services #sysctr

During a Configuration Manager 2007 migration job I came across several custom Web Reports which were highly imported to the customer. Therefore the custom Web Reports had to be migrated to Configuration Manager 2012. Reporting Services was introduced since Configuration Manager 2007 as additional Reporting feature aiming to phase out Web Reports. With the introduction of Configuration Manager 2012 Web Reports are no longer available.

In this post I’ll show you how to migrate Web Reports in a relative ease way. Although there might be even simpler ways to accomplish the following method worked fine for me and therefore the customer as well.

  1. Install Reporting Service Point (RSP) as Site System Role within your current CM2007 environment (
  2. Use the Copy Reports to Reporting Services Wizard in Configuration Manager 2007 to copy the standard Configuration Manager reports to SQL Reporting Services. Select only the custom web reports which you want to migrate ( Web Reports Wizard
  3. As the custom Web Reports now available in Reporting Services we can download the custom reports as SSRS Report Definitions (RDL) files. I’ve used a PowerShell script which downloads all RDL files to a file location (
  4. Next step is to upload the RDL files in CM2012 Reporting Services. Open the Report Manager URL (http://<FQDN Reporting Server>/Reports/ConfigMgr<SiteCode>) and open the regarding existing category to import your custom reports. If you’re using custom categories just create a category folders for those.
  5. Now we’ve to change the Data Sources for each Report as the Data Sources of the Reports are different as we moved the Reports to a different SSRS environment.Data Source
  6. Open a random Report and copy the Data Sources link and apply the Data Sources to your custom Reports. Repeat this for all custom reports that were imported and you are good!





Custom Report in Reporting Services



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