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First day impression of Microsoft Management Summit 2011

Today MMS2011 officially launched. After registering at the registration desk and help build the booth OpsLogix we are ready for an exciting week.

First session was Instructor-led Lab session of Advanced Software Distribution in Configuration Manager 2012, given by Wally Mead. As usual, we left the lab manuals for what it is and we were a bird in flight taken to the new features of SCCM 2012.

What struck me is that the ribbon is introduced as we know from Office 2010, using sophisticated software deployment is made ??of (global) conditions (expressions/clauses) requirement rule, so it enables refined user centric dispensing. As software distribution relationships and conditions can be complex they are visualized in a mapview. Today we also had a scoop! The Exchange Connector in SCCM 2012. Jeff Wetlaufer demonstrated us the Exchange connector which enables Windows and non-windows (Nokia, iPhone, Symbion) Mobile Devices can be easily discovered and managed. Really awesome!

Equally impressive is the new self-service portal which comes with SCCM 2012. End-users can request software with or without the agreement of the line manager and will automatically installed by SCCM 2012. The new portal features a user-friendly look and feel ditto interface. The SCCM 2012 Beta 2 download is expected upcoming Wednesday. So stay tuned and make sure you download it and get familiar with it – it surpasses all your expectations!

As Managing Consultant and MVP Maarten Goet attend MMS2011 and also provides a number of sessions. Today he spoke about how IT (business) processes can implement System Center Service Manager. A great session where all facets of incidents- and change process, CMDB and CI’s covered and how they were treated, according to MOF and best-practices into organizations!

The Expo was a great finale to an intensive and informative day. Besides encounter of community peers, we have interesting conversations with various product teams on future product releases and new features. But also preview how the developments of System Center and cloud will follow.

Overall all a great day!




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