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Managing Site Boundaries bulk actions SCCM

SiteBound is a tool that allows bulk addition of boundaries to Configuration Manager sites. Adding boundaries through the ConfigMgr console can be tedious if adding more than a handful. Previously for SMS 2003 there was the Siteboun.exe tool which solved this problem, however, to my knowledge ConfigMgr 2007 Toolkit v2 lacks siteboun.exe.

This tool is not as full featured as the Siteboun tool for SMS 2003. It will only add new boundaries to a ConfigMgr site.

SiteBound.exe /s {central site server} /file {excel file} /log {path}

/s Central Site Server name.
/file Path to Excel files.
/log Log file path.

The input for this tool is an Excel 2003 spreadsheet and there are some requirements for the format of this spreadsheet. Review the example spreadsheet, sbexample.xls, attached. Any deviation from this will either produce errors or unexpected resutls.
All output from this tool is written to the log file only. (The Trace utility from the ConfigMgr toolkit can be used to view the log)

The input uses the following syntax:

Boundary SiteCode Description Connection C01 Example IP Range Boundary Fast C02 Example IP Subnet Boundary Slow
Default-First-Site-Name C01 Example AD Site Boundary Fast

Sitebound can be downloaded here.
SMS 2003 Toolkit 2 can be downloaded here.
SCCM 2007 Toolkit v2 can be downloaded here.

I am also curious if vNext with a new toolkit will be released including this feature or that is native in vNext.




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