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Get in touch with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite ‘blackbelt’s’ and drop your feedback!


I’m very excited having the opportunity to meet the product teams on Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) during a 4-day stay in Redmond (WA) next week! As my employer Inovativ is participating in the Red Carpet Program we’re invited to join the Enterprise Mobility airlift. An airlift is an event which outlines new features being released in a new wave/product release. This airlift includes deep dive sessions on Azure AD Premium, Microsoft Intune and Azure RMS. As Microsoft Partner we’ll be lined up with the latest technology and have the chance to discuss and provide feedback on the components involved with the Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Further I’m looking foward to meet some community friends in person like Mr. ‘IoT’ and ‘Enterprise Mobility’ Rob Tiffany. I let me assure that the coffee is ready at Satya’s office ;-)

So I challenge you to collect your best feedback and questions on Azure AD Premium, Microsoft Intune, Azure Rights Management and bring it on, I’ll forward them to the PG’s! You can drop me a line by Twitter, Facebook or by e-mail


Next stop will be the System Center Universe 2015 in Dallas (TX). System Center Universe (SCU) is a one-day globally available technical event featuring Microsoft product gurus and community experts like Brad Anderson, Pete Zerger, Maarten Goet, Kent Agerlund and many more. This place will contain a dangerously high concentration of knowledge about Azure, Enterprise Mobility, System Center and vNext at a single spot. It’s good to be here, meet the community, follow great sessions, have great talks and meet even greater people.

Dalles Fort Worth Systems Management User group

My last stop before heading home is the Dalles/Fort Worth Systems Management User group. Wally Mead, Cris Ross, Maarten Goet, Dieter Wijckmans and myself will present on the Day After SCU2015 Event user group meeting.

I’ve a great session for all Enterprise Mobility Suite fans! And don’t forget – you’re my first stop to share the latest developments directly from Redmond on Enterprise Mobility. I’ll cover end-to-end Enterprise Mobility session including publishing on-premise web services by using Azure Application Proxy, using mobile application management (MAM) bringing these web services to managed device using Microsoft Intune. And finally protecting corporate data on Work Folders using Azure RMS! In short, do you want to get to know everything about EMS make sure you don’t miss this session!

Looking foward to see you at both System Center Universe 2015 and Day After SCU2015 Event!

Do you want to be kept informed of the latest developments on EMS and System Center Universe 2015, Day After SCU2015 Event…just follow me on twitter @ronnydejong

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