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Overview of Settings Management in R2 & “Wave E”

As you might know Microsoft has started upgrading the Windows Intune cloud service to the next version, Wave E  which will be (GA) available on October 18th together with System Center R2.


With the arrival of these new product versions Microsoft introduces a lot of new features and settings related to Unified Device Management #UDM (formerly known as Mobile Device Management #MDM). Some new features are:

  • Extended Windows Intune connector
  • Native Self-Service Portal App for Windows iOS & Andriod platform
  • Support for Work Folders
  • Resource Access
  • Selective Wipe

Ronni Pedersen provides in a blog post a complete overview of all new features comming with R2 and wave E.

Settings Management

With all those great new features you’re able to even better manage your mobile workforce and address most of your day-to-day BYOD challenges. With Configuration Manager 2012 R2 settings management is extended with 10 new catagories and over60 new settings of a total of 114 settings!

  • Browser
  • Cloud
  • Content Rating
  • Device
  • Internet Explorer
  • Roaming
  • Security
  • Store
  • System Security
  • Windows Server Work Folders

Hereby an overview off of all new categories and settings introduced with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 & Windows Intune wave E.



View online session:

Download PowerPoint:

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