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Enrolling iOS devices "not shown in Configuration Manager console" : Updated! #sysctr #mdm #windowsintune

Last week we were facing an issue of enrolling iOS devices into Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 by using the Windows Intune Connector.


Completing the iOS configuration (create a CSR (APNs) certificate request, submit APN certificate to Apple Push Certificate Portal, download the APNs certificate & upload APNs certificate to Windows Intune) setup. Next step I associated my devices by installing management profiles ( All my application appears in the mobile Company App portal on my iOS devices, but they’re not appearing in Configuration Manager console.

When I select the Support tile in the mobile Company App portal it says: "Name not yet available"


There are two scenarios this issue may occur (these impact Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 unified only):

1: The customer has downloaded the Apple Cert prior to connecting to Intune, decided to use another account and then used the same certificate for the new account

2: The customer enrolled in the service, uploaded their Apple Cert and switched to another Intune account for some reason, even using a new Apple Cert.

In these cases the Apple Certificate can become stuck in the Configuration Manager DB and will require a procedure to resolve.


Note: due to the way WordPress converts apostrophes and quotation marks, it’s probable that a direct copy and paste of the SQL will not run properly, please be sure to replace apostrophes with SQL-accepted quotes.

Copy SQL Query

  • Disable iOS inside of the Windows Intune Connector
  • In SQL, run the query below. This query removes the Apple Cert information and resets Configuration Manager to the default values:

update SC_ClientComponent_Property set Value2 =where Name like ‘%APNS%’

delete from MDMPolicy where PolicyType=11

delete from MDMPolicyAssignment where PolicyType = 11

  • Restart the SMS Executive Service
  • Get a new CERT from our service for Apple MDM (you’ll need a new cert, upload to apple, get new cert and then add to the connector)
  • Remove the management profile from your iOS device and re-add.

Note!: please make sure it isn’t supported to adjust the Configuration Manager database directly! This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights.

If you are being impacted by this issue please contact Microsoft CSS support. It has been confirmed this issue will be fixed in Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 CU1 which is expected soon. Many thanks to Jon Lynn for getting this solved.




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