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Service Requests System Center Cloud Services Process Pack Failed #sysctr


The System Center Cloud Services Process Pack provides a service solution for automating the deployment of private and public cloud infrastructures. With the System Center Cloud Services Process Pack, enterprises can realize the benefits of infrastructure as a service while simultaneously leveraging their existing investments in System Center 2012 – Service Manager, System Center 2012 – Orchestrator, System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), and System Center 2012 – Operations Manager.

The System Center Cloud Services Process Pack offers a self-service experience to facilitate private cloud capacity requests from your business unit IT application owners and end users, including the flexibility to request additional capacity as business demands increase.

You can download System Center Cloud Services Process Pack at the Microsoft Download Center at

Service Requests System Center Cloud Services Process Pack Failed

In preparation of a Service Manager 2012 demo for the Pre-TechEd Europe 2012 event , organized by Microsoft, HP and Inovativ I was facing an issue. After submitting a cloud service request through the Service Manager 2012 Self-Service Portal all requests almost instantly failed.

The status of work items can also be viewed through the Service Manager console or by the Self-Service Portal.

When you drilldown to the workflows status section (Administration\Workflows\Status) and filter on cloud you’re able to find the faulting workflow which is related to the service request, in our case the Assign Virtual Machine Reviewer. (see also Troubleshooting Workflows in Service Manager for addtional throubleshooting tips)

When selecting the workflow we get clear where in the process the service request is failing, as you can see event 17 is faulting.

As sometimes error messages can be somewhat cryptically, a good next troubleshooting step is the Operations Manager eventlog. When searching the Operations Manager eventlog within the time range when the service request was failing Event 26319 got my attention. As you can see we found the root cause of our problem.

The user CONTOSO\svc-svcmgr-wf does not have sufficient permissions to perform the operation.

The CONTOSO\svc-scvmgr-wf is the Service Manager Workflow account. By simply adding the workflow account to the Activity Implementer user role the workflow account has the required permissions to successfully execute the workflow(s) which are part of the service request offerings.

After adding the Workflow account to the Activity Implementers user role and submitting a new request the service request wll succesfully processed.

Now the service request is ready to be approved…and provision the requested VM.

Many thanks to Raganathan Srikant (Program Manager at Microsoft) helping sorting this out.


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