Keep your Service Manager CMDB in accurate shape!

One of the big advantages of using Service Manager as your Configuration Manager Database (CMDB) is the connector framework. By using the connector framework you are able to establish out-of-the box connections to your infrastructure – Active Directory – and System Center components like Configuration Manager-, Operations Manager and Virtual Machine Manager. Hereby you can easily gather and centrally store all relevant information into a single place which forms the basis for your IT Service Management (ITSM) processes.

One of the major challenges of a CMDB is to keep the – information contains – up to date and accurate. Also herein the connector framework have an important role to (automatically) update Configuration Items (CI) from different sources (connector framework).

A while ago Travis Wright (who else…) wrote a blog post regarding the behavior of what happens with CI’s in the CMDB when deleted from Active Directory and what permissions are required by the run-as account that is used for the AD connector.

In this post I’ll walkthrough how to configure and set proper rights for the run-as account used by the AD connector. Continue reading “Keep your Service Manager CMDB in accurate shape!”

What if your System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager is not in a valid state 2.0!?

During the process of upgrading Service Manager 2012 to R2 I was facing the following issue below on Data Warehouse Management Server.


After some searching I found an post of someone who’s familair to me! Thats why I’m blogging ;-)

When opening the setup log file (located in %temp%) I noticed the account I’m using hasn’t the appropriated  rights to perform the upgrade on the Data Warehouse DWStagingAndConfig database.

07:13:24:All vital setup files found.
07:13:24:Upgrading Service Manager 7.5.2905 with 7.5.3079
07:13:24:Checking dependencies for Server upgrade…
07:13:29:Getting Management Group information from <SCSM DW Server>:DWStagingAndConfig
07:13:29:[GetManagementGroupPropertiesFromDB]:  Opened the DB connection using Data Source=HOUAS58T;Initial Catalog=DWStagingAndConfig;Integrated Security=True;Persist Security Info=False.
07:13:29:[GetManagementGroupPropertiesFromDB]:  Error: We hit exception type System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException. Message:The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ‘p_MOMManagementGroupInfoSelect’, database ‘DWStagingAndConfig’, schema ‘dbo’.
07:13:32:***ERROR*** Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager: Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager is not in a valid state.
07:13:32:Application Ended

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Issue installing Update Release(s) for System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager

Last night I was facing an annoing issue which prevents me from installing Update Rollup 2 for System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager systems. I’d no clue because the logging wasn’t telling me anything usefull information!

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Session Confirmation ExpertsLive 2013 #SysCtr


Last week I received my session confirmation for ExpertsLive 2013. ExpertsLive is the Dutch knowledge community event around Microsoft Azure, System Center, Hyper-V, SQL Server, Windows Server and PowerShell. Experts Live is organized by and for the communities such as, System Center User Group, Windows Azure User Group, PowerShell User Group, PASS (SQL) and the Windows Management User Group.

Together with my colleague Stijn Callebaut we provide the audience a cloud forecast; standardization, automation and process integration with Service Manager and Windows Azure. Showcase a self-service scenario provisioning IaaS to Windows Azure.

Service Manager 2012 R2 forecast “Cloudy with a chance of Iaas” – Ronny de Jong & Stijn Callebaut

Microsoft provides a consistent Cloud OS but how consistent is the deployment of these in a public or private cloud scenario? The lack of process integration, supply of various portals, too many steps, too many clicks! Service Manager provides an interface that allows Cloud OS. On a standard and automated way After going through change management process VMs in public (Azure) or private cloud (SCVMM) provisioned. All this on the assumption Cafeteria, standardization and automation of your public or private cloud.

Looking forward to see you at ExpertsLive 2013!

Microsoft releases next generation enterprise IT solutions for hybrid Cloud

At TechEd North America 2013, Microsoft Corp. introduced a portfolio of new solutions to help businesses thrive in the era of cloud computing and connected devices. In the keynote address, Server & Tools Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson and fellow executives showcased how new offerings across client, datacenter infrastructure, public cloud and application development help deliver the most comprehensive, connected enterprise platform.


“The products and services introduced today illustrate how Microsoft is the company that businesses can bet on as they embrace cloud computing, deliver critical applications, and empower employee productivity in new and exciting ways,” Anderson said. “Only Microsoft connects the dots for the enterprise from ‘client to cloud.’”

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Introduce Mobile Device Management in Service Manager #sysctr

Ever wondered how to get your enterprise managed mobile devices in Service Manager 2012? With the connector framework you’re able to synchronize Configuration Manager data into Service Manager in order to keep your CMDB up to date.


How cool would it be to have your managed mobile devices in Service Manager automatically! You’re just a few clicks away…:-)

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TechDays 2013: ready for take off #techdaysnl #sysctr

The countdown has begun!
Tomorrow March 7th TechDays 2013 will take off! All innovations on the Microsoft platform for developers and IT pros. For two days more than 160 different sessions at the World Forum, The Hague. David Chappell, the keynotes of modern application development and the relevance of private and public cloud. Further sessions on Windows Store, HTML5, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Server 2012, Azure and System Center. View the complete agenda and see what all the top to tell, including Ben Riga, Bryon Surace, Rob Miles, Jeff Prosise, Iris Classon, John Grad Dock, Bart de Smet, Martin Goet and Ruben Spruijt. Would you like to get to work? Come to our instructor-led workshop and build your Windows 8 app in 1 hour. Do not miss it!



Again this edition of TechDays NL Inovativ is well represented with 4 speakers; Maarten Goet, Walter Eikenboom, Kurt van Hoecke and Ronny de Jong. Below an overview of the sessions given by their.

7 March 2013
09:15 – 10:30
clip_image001clip_image002clip_image003clip_image004Beyond System Center 2012 – Q&A met Field Experts

7 March 2013
14:50 – 16:05
clip_image001[1]clip_image003[1]Cloud? Het draait allemaal om de app!

7 March 2013
17:45 – 19:00
clip_image001[2]Planet Azure: starship System Center exploring new worlds

8 March 2013
07:45 – 09:00

8 March 2013
07:45 – 09:00
clip_image002[1]The road to end user self service with Service Manager 2012 SP1

8 March 2013
13:15 – 14:30
clip_image002[2]Managing your hybrid cloud datacenter with SCOM 2012 and what’s new in SP1

Looking forward to meet you there in person!