Remote anything: Publish complex ‘full-path’ web applications with Azure AD Application Proxy

These days where households are rapidly turning into remote offices the need to make business applications available as if they were available from the office is on the rise. Azure AD Application Proxy lends perfectly to secure unlock on-premise web applications in an ease and safe manner.

In this post I’ll explain how successfully publish on-premise SAP instance with a complex home page URL, which seem challenging at first sight. After reading this post not anymore!

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Get Started with the Enterprise Mobility Suite

undefinedOver the next six weeks I’ll provide along with my colleagues Valerie Siroux and Arjan Vroege several webinars on Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite. If you want to know more about for instance Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune, Azure Rights Management Services, you can not miss these webinars.

Learn more about EMS in 6 webinars

On the following dates will take place the Enterprise Mobility Suite webinars. Please note that these webinars are taught in English. Through the links below you can register free of charge.

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