Windows Live Essentials replaced by Windows Essentials 2012!

Good news for those who blogging! Microsoft released an new version of Windows Essentials, Windows Essentials 2012. The software suite is especially popular because of Live Writer which enables you publish blogs quick and efficiently.


Significant changes are an updated version of Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Mesh is replaced by SkyDrive and Messenger by Skype. A complete overview of the release notes can be found here.

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Share your #OneNote2010 documents with #SkyDrive

Cloud computing is becoming more and more populair. Another simple application is sharing your OneNote with SkyDrive. OneNote 2010 has by default an option to share/save your OneNote documentation on fileserver, SharePoint and Skydrive.

By a few simple mouse clicks you’re able to publish your OneNote documents to SkyDrive.

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