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Newbie in America…

First of all thank God for a save journey so far! (looks like a real American)

My first steps in the greatest country of the world!! Well that’s what they say! Lets find it out :-)
Reason for my visit to America ? I’ll attend a conference, Microsoft Management Summit 2010 in Las Vegas for my employee Wortell.
Yeah guys…I hear thinking you ‘pour Ronny’

My goals during this stay ? Entering Las Vegas as a pour basterd, leaving it as a ‘rich’ man!!! Rich in terms of new developments and technologies…and perhaps I’ll claim a jackpot in one of the many casino’s. Currently I’am waiting at Minneapolis Int. Airport for my connection flight to the final destination Las Vegas. Unfortunately scheduled flights are delay due to asses in the air of active volcano in IJsland…basterds!

I becoming a bit tired so I hope I get some rest…

Well guys keep in touch. See you next update




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